Green Teas Exclusive

Green Tea is one of the most noble teas, it bears the "MYSTERY OF LONG LIFE". In the countries of the Far East, its exceptional features have been known and valued for ages. It also has its place in Chinese medicine. The tea is an excellent and effective addition supporting slimming treatments – it supports metabolism, accelerates fat burning, helps to lose excessive weight, and the substances it comprises help to keep slim and detoxicate the organism. It has a positive effect on one’s mind, eliminates fatigue, enhances vital activity, adds strength, quenches thirst and refreshes. Green tea is rich in substances that improve the functioning of our organism and it slows down aging processes. For many years, MALWA has combined the pleasure of drinking tea with its beneficial influence on our organisms. Our new offer includes a wide variety of green teas for true connoisseurs.

Green Teas