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Herbal tea


peppermint, fennel, apple, green tea, hibiscus, camomile, pu-erh tea, hawthorn, chicory root, mung bean, caraway, flavour, dandelion root, nettle.

Content of the box:

20 tea bags a 2 g

NET WT. 1,4 oz. (40 g)

Herbal tea - SUPER SLIM


The SUPER SLIM tea supports weight loss. It is also recommended for those with a tendency for overweight or obesity.


It contains a composition of herbs in adequate proportions: Pu-erh tea that will help lose excess pounds, maintain the proper weight and desired body shape, as well as mint and caraway that support digestive processes.


Overweight is a metabolism disruption resulting in increased body mass due to the accumulation of the adipose tissue.


The SUPER SLIM tea, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, and proper diet, may be a perfect supplement to a slimming programme.


It is rich in components that combat free radicals and promote the proper functioning of the human body:

  • mint and caraway supporting metabolism and digestion, and stimulating bowel movement,
  • Pu-erh tea accelerating fat burning and reducing body mass.


It is recommended to drink 3 cups of the brew a day (200 ml). Recommended daily portion (3 infusion bags) should not be exceeded. Do not use in the case of allergy to any preparation ingredient, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Put a bag in a cup, pour hot water, cover the cup. Brew for 8-10 minutes. Product can not be applicable as differentiated diet substitute.

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