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Herbal tea


St. John's Wort 100%


Content of the box:

20 Tea bags á 2 g

NET WEIGHT 1.0 oz (30 g)

Herbata Ziołowa - Dziurawiec

St. John's Wort


  • it helps to maintain the proper work of the liver,
  • it supports digestion,
  • it supports the work of the respiratory system and lower urinary tract,
  • it gives a positive effect on mood and well-being,
  • it relaxes, helps you fall asleep.

Recommended intake:

The product is intended for adults. Drink once a day one cup of the infusion prepared from 1 tea bag per 200 ml of water, preferably after a heavy meal or between meals. A daily dose (1 tea bag) contains 1,5 g of St. John's wort herb.

Do not exceed the recommended dose for consumption during the day. Do not use if you are allergic to the St. John's wort herb and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During use, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays (e.g. in the solarium). This product may cause allergic skin reactions.

It not recommended for those taking antidepressants.


Put the teabag in a cup, pour hot water (200 ml), cover the cup.

To obtain profound taste and aroma, the tea should be brewed for 8-10 minutes.

This product cannot be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced and varied diet are essential for maintaining good health.

Herbal Teas Express - St. John's Wort