Food supplement

Herbal tea

The tea contains plant materials that support the immune system and have antioxidant properties.


Purple coneflower, Cistus, rosehip, flowers of elderberries.


Content of the box:

20 tea bags a 2 g

NET WT. 1,4 oz. (40 g)

Herbaty Funkcjonalne Fito Apteka - Na Odporność

Składniki: ziele jeżówki purpurowej (Echinacea purpurea), ziele czystka (Cistus incanus), owoc dzikiej róży (Rose canina), kwiat bzu czarnego (Sambucus nigra).


Immunity is the body's ability to defend itself against the adverse impact of foreign agents penetrating into it. It is a protective barrier between us and the surrounding environment.

Overwork, stress, fatigue, poor diet, lack of physical activity are the most common causes of lowered immunity. The proper functioning of the immune system plays an essential role in keeping good health.

Purple coneflower has a beneficial effect on immune functions. It also supports the work of upper respiratory tract and urinary tract.

Cistus is a well-known antioxidant.

The reship as well as flowers of elderberries give antioxidant effects, activate vitality,  maintain the proper functioning of the respiratory system and support the body's natural immunity.

The ingredients of our tea have been chosen to preferably affect the immune system.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping a balanced and varied diet are necessary to maintain good health. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute (replacement) of a varied diet.

Recommended intake:

Drink 3 times a day 1 cup of brew prepared with 1 tea bag per 200 ml of water. Do not exceed recommended dose for consumption (3 bags) during the day. The product is intended for adults. Due to the lack of available data, the product is not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use in patients taking immunosuppressive medicines. After two weeks of consuming the tea, a two-week break from supplementation is recommended. Do not use with hypersensitivity to any component of the product.


Put 1 bag in a cup, pour boiling water (200 mL), cover the cup Brew for 8-10 minutes

Functional Teas Fito Apteka - IMMUNE BOOSTING TEA