Flavored leaf black tea



A blend of black teas, bergamot flaver.


Country of Origin:

China, Sri Lanka


Content of the box:

NET WEIGHT 3.52 OZ. (100 g)

Leaf Black Tea My Lord - Earl Grey

Leaf Black Tea EARL GREY

It’s a carefully selected composition of high-quality black teas with a pleasant subtle taste and a delicate bergamot aroma.

EARL GREY "My Lord" - is an exclusive tea, recommended especially for lovers of exquisite infusions.

Enjoy the pearl of the Orient hidden in a cup of pleasure!


Pour one teaspoon of tea into a cup or a preheated teapot. Then pour freshly boiled water (200 ml).

Brew for 3-5 minutes. Separate the brew from the leaves.


After opening, store in a dry and dark place in a tight packaging away from other smells.